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Welcome to Heart of Farnborough

We are a community action group, run by members living and working in Farnborough, focused on bringing people together and creating a vibrant town for our residents and visitors.

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  • Cove Walking football Club

    May 09, 2021

    The benefits of exercise to improve our physical and mental health are well documented. As we age, however, the ability to play football...

  • We are moving the website

    May 09, 2021

    Around a year ago I began building the Heart of Farnborough website for the group using a CMS called Umbraco and in the end the site...

  • The History of Devereaux House

    May 09, 2021

    The History of Devereux House (formerly the Farnborough & Cove War Memorial Hospital) In March 1919 public meetings were held in both...

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About Us

We meet once a month

We originally met up on a sporadic basis at the local council offices but when Covid struck we switched to Zoom. Now we meet on the first Wednesday of each month, which is more frequent than when we met in person!

We are diverse

We are a great mixture of men and women, all ages, come from a mixture of backgrounds professionally and as such harness a great collection of skills.

Maybe you'd love to share your knowledge or put some of your skills to use and make a difference to the town of Farnborough!

We make a difference

Ideas are all very well but it's nice to see them reach fruition.

Farnbrough is going through constant changes and we

Useful Links

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust

Farnborough Air Sciences Trust

The museum is dedicated to Farnborough's proud aviation heritage and significant contribution to air science and research, and offers an important educational resource as well as an entertaining and stimulating day out for anyone interested in aviation history and scientific progress.

Check it out

Rushmoor Borough Council

Rushmoor Borough Council

The official Rushmoor Borough Council website carries a lot of information and if you are looking to find details regarding amenities, this is the place to go

Check it out

Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is always active and is well worth following if you want to stay in the loop with what is going on around the town

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We are here for you

We are always interested to hear from Farnborough residents

What does the Heart of Farnborough mean for you? What do you love? What could be improved? Have an event you would like to share?